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Kelly's tenacious drive and willingness to see you succeed is simply inspiring and quite refreshing. She asks and addresses the tough questions and dives deep to help you find practical resolution to complex problems.

Julie Ovalle, Vice President of Human Resources - Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

A Coach's Perspective

  • The Stanford rape case and my own lesson in survival

    The former Stanford student, Brock A. Turner, who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman was sentenced to only six months in jail to avoid “a severe impact,” according to Judge Aaron Persky. This lax sentence has resulted in anger, disappointment, and hurt; not just for me personally – but for women internationally. Why? Twenty-one years after […]

  • What we can learn from Prince’s artistry

    It was the summer of 1984, I remember it vividly because we always spent the summers in Connecticut with our cousins Jennifer & AJ Rinella. And in an Italian family cousins are more like brothers & sisters. Jenn is two years older than me and I always looked to her, admired her and much to […]

  • Pope in Philly: How to manage your team remotely when you’re not used to it

    Pope Francis is coming to town, you’ve got a team of 30 people to manage and there is no way you are going any where near your Center City office. How do you do pull it off? More importantly how do you manage effectively? Working in virtual teams has many advantages – in this case […]

  • Take charge of Your Career: Internships Aren’t Just for Students

    Technology has changed every aspect of our lives. It is carving out new career paths while pushing traditional careers to evolve. This has changed education requirements and occupational skills required in today’s workforce. It has changed organizational design and international business operations. Faced with these rapid changes, you need to educate yourself and stay aware […]

  • Eight Ways to Stay Productive During the Holidays

    This time of year is a confusing mix of celebration, stress, financial anxiety, and shifting priorities. You can find yourself feeling more focused on family than work or other priorities, and self-care can fall by the wayside as your calendar fills up. So how do you keep yourself focused with so many pressures from different […]

  • We Must Do Better!

    This quote from Thurgood Marshall’s 1992 Liberty Medal Speech has been ringing in my head since last night: “We cannot play ostrich. Democracy just cannot flourish amid fear. Liberty cannot bloom amid hate. Justice cannot take root amid rage. America must get to work. In the chill climate in which we live, we must go […]

  • Love your “internal” customer and the reward will follow

    Whether we are employers or employees, managers or managed, the complexion of employment relationships has changed considerably as employment and society have changed. Although technology has created many thousands of positions that previously did not exist, I am concerned that perhaps some of the traditional and humanitarian core values of employment have been replaced or […]

  • The 11 Cs Your Business Should Have

    I have learned many lessons during my career about what to do and what not to do in business. Although the lessons are numerous and the variations significant, I have reduced them to what I have designated as the “Business Cs.” Choice – You choose what you will and will not do. These choices may […]

  • If you are not committed, please unsubscribe now

    Last night, someone very important in my life woke me up to my own complacency.  I was sleep walking in my life. This person kicked my ass (with lots of love of course) and as one of my colleagues puts it:  gave me a cathartic shove.  I am no longer going to play small. I […]

  • Willy Wonka Hit Me Like a Ton of Bricks

    Tonight as we were cleaning up the house, we had “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” on in the background. Since childhood,  this movie has been a staple in my life. I’ve seen it more than a dozen times and I know every lyric: “Pure Imagination.”   It only took 36 years for the words to […]